AR on Your Products

Augmented reality brings any product and brand to life. Not only entertaining, but informative. An engaging technology that will have them talking about your company and sharing their experience with others.

Our Wine App Solution

AR for Publishing

Augmented reality can transport the reader to another world. Story lines appear in 3D that leap out of the pages. A technology that allows the reader to interact, solve problems and be part of the stories that they love so much.

AR for Publishing

Augmented Reality on wine bottles

Augmented reality is an exciting technology that will give wine lovers a new experience of drinking wine. AR can give more background information of your product or brand.

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Augmented Reality in Books

Our Dark Raven books merge a traditional story with digital quests using a piece of technology like a smartphone or a gaming console, and the use of an app which plays video, creates dragons and other creatures from included pictures.

Check out our exceptional books that explore the full magnitude of augmented reality.

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Our Team

Our team is professional and committed, friendly and experienced. We are dedicated to supplying augmented products and are passionate about providing better solutions. We are open and approachable. Feel free to contact any of our team.


Mike Emeny.

Managing Director


Hilary Emeny

Creative Director


Tim Knight

Logistics Director

Dr. Philip Errington

Philip Errington



Chris Andrews

Investment Director


Marc Broos

Technical Director