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Creators of Engaging AR Products

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Augmented Reality Books


Exciting, Interactive  and Absorbing Publications. We not only Create the AR but Design, Publish and sometimes Write the books.

Let the  Magic of a Great Book come Alive through your mobile device.

Augmented Reality Products


Our  Creative and Experienced Design Team can develop AR animations that make your Products Sing.

AR can attract Sales and Enhance any product.

AR not only Entertains but be a Valuable Information tool.

We Can Do This For You!


Let us Review your Products/Services and show how AR can give you the Edge in a very Competitive Market. 

Talking with us about New Technologies costs nothing  but the possibilities can Revolutionise  Your  Business.  Contact us

Pen Dragon and the Age of King Arthur


An Augmented Reality Book based on the Legends of King Arthur and Merlin  ...  and Pen Dragon.
WARNING: this book contains  REAL Dragons!
App and Book Published by 
Augmented Reality Book - Pen Dragon
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Augmented Reality Book

Raven's Wand

The Dark Raven Chronicles


An Epic story of two Secret Societies ... One uses Magic to Heal the World, the Other Twists it into Abominations!
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App and Book Published by 
Augmented Reality Book
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The Printer's Devil

An Augmented Reality Wine App


Watch your Wine bottle come Alive and hear about the Legend of The Printer's Devil
App Created  by
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Augmented Reality Product
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